Daddy, Daddy get the net…the Walleye are Back!

June 7, 2015 by dmorin No Comment

All it took was a few warm and calm days at the water temperature reached the magic 60 degree mark. That seems to be when we see the walleye appear to feed in the bays. Yesterday afternoon and evening saw good catches of nice sized walleye. They were hitting lightly, so my slip-bobber and leech system worked well and I got my limit of 6, all 15″-19″, of which I kept the 2 smallest to feed my growing boy Eddy. I was amazed at how long it took the walleye to finally swallow the leech, watching the bobber get towed, bumped and tugged before it finally would be taken down for the mandatory 5 seconds before the hook set–signs of a light bite. By the way, I was casting into 2-3 feet of water to get those fish.

The guys trolling small raps did good too. Two guests who were here for the first time caught and released multiple limits, and kept a few small ones for their fish fry. The Orangeville Boys, as usual, did well on the troll.

So, there you have it sports fans! Another walleye season is shaping up!

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