Things are shaping up

Stable weather has finally arrived and that has helped the fishing. The guys here have been working really hard at trying to get fish. They have enjoyed clear skies and a calm lake, and yesterday enough heat to bring the surface temp 10 degrees warmer. Of course the first wind will stir that up, but the overall effect should be what we need to crank up the walleye action. Walleye have been caught this week on Rapalas cast from our docks or trolled in shallow, jig/worm combo, leech/bobber or spinner rigs. Lake trout, pike and lots of bass were caught. Fish of the week so far–get this– a 45 1/2 inch monster pike caught and released. Pictures to follow, I am promised.
So as another great week of pike, pickerel and pizza winds down, here is to next week and the start of the ‘June Run’.