“Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy”

August 9, 2015 by dmorin No Comment



There are some nights when all you want to catch is the sunset

The unsettled weather of the past week seems to have passed by, leaving us with a glorious August summer. What does that entail?

Well, good food, good friends, good times are all a big part of summer up here.

And catching walleye trolling Hot n’ Tots is another one. These little crank baits by Storm Lures are perfect for running over the mid-lake shoals and past points. Use a long lead and troll fairly fast, 2- 3 mph, and they’ll run down to the 15-18 ft zone. Gold, gold/black, gold/orange, hot pink, purple and purple/pink seem to be the best colours.

Jigging and trolling harnesses still work, but we really enjoy the chance to wash some lures, especially in the mornings. It provides a nice change from the still fishing that we Canadians tend to do so much around here.

Loon Bay really turns on this time of year and we are so fortunate to being located on the shore of Kipawa’s best summer fishing. Lake Trout, bass and walleye all have been pulled in within sight of our lodge. No long boat rides to the fishing grounds for Two Mooners!

Here’s to summer friends.


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dmorin Dave and Julie Morin own and operate Two Moon Outpost Lodge on Lake Kipawa, Quebec.