Summers are for Picnics

August 9, 2017 by dmorin No Comment


Sure, we all love our fishing trips. But the great thing about Lake Kipawa is the vast amount of lake there is to explore. Up here on the remote north end of Kipawa we have hundreds of miles of untouched shoreline and countless islands, most have rarely felt a human footprint. And on a beautiful summer afternoon, there is nothing better than to take the kids out for a picnic.

Close to Two Moon Lodge there is “Picnic Island”, or Ile du Huard as it is referred to on the maps. Here, the municipality of Laniel maintains a site that is ideal for a family picnic. There is a giant fire pit, a picnic table, outhouse and a great dock. You couldn’t ask for a better shore lunch spot!

The islands of Loon Bay make for some other great picnic locations, although a little more primitive than our Picnic Island. And our favourite place to venture is to the end of Campbell Bay. With its towering cliff faces and narrow canyon, Campbell Bay makes a great boating, swimming and picnic excursion.

This past week, Julie, Kip and I packed a cooler and a jar for blueberries and took an afternoon away from the lodge. We explored some new islands for us and enjoyed a peaceful, scenic afternoon away from it all. Trust me, nothing recharges the soul more than an afternoon nap under a pine tree, looking out over the most beautiful lake in the North. Highly recommended!



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