Brenna’s Special Guest Fishing Report

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I had a great time at Camp Two Moon Lodge. My favorite part about this trip is when I caught a 19-inch bass. The activities are really fun. You can do yoga and go canoeing, it’s really fun. They make pizza for everyone and you can make s’mores. But watch out for Kip the Labrador thief.

By Brenna Flint, age 8, Pittsburg PA.

36427128_10212443174141469_7799891618646982656_nBrenna and her family were one of a few father-son/daughter or grandfather-son-grandchild groups we hosted this past week. Once school winds down, active families head north to the lake for an annual fishing trip. Nothing welcomes summer better than quality family time, disconnecting from devices and reconnecting with parents and siblings.

This week, we had a few new families stay with us for the first time, and from the smiles on their faces, we know they’ll be back. Our weekly pizza cookout was once again a highlight for our guests.

The fishing was consistent throughout the week with much of the walleye action still happening in shallow bays. That is beginning to change now with the heat wave we are currently experiencing, but last week, trolling shorelines during the daytime with Thin Fins or Ripplin’ Redfins was the ticket. For the early morning or evening bite, jigging or slip bobbing a leech paid off. A few of the groups reported catching 200 fish during their stay. Big fish for the week were a 29″ walleye and a 39″ pike, and a couple 19″ bass. Lots of beautiful large lake trout, walleye and bass were caught and released during what was the most incredible weather and most amazing sunsets imaginable.


The prize-winner!

The word about Two Moon Lodge’s great smallmouth bass fishing must have spread because all week long we had boats from every part of Lake Kipawa come here to fish under, between (and sometimes on) our docks. It makes our guests appreciate how good we have it here when the best fishing on the lake is right in front of their cabin.

IMG_9100 IMG_9119

Happy Canada Day, eh!



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