Two Moon Tackle Box

The essential, must-have, don’t-leave-home-without-em’ fishing tackle for your trip.

Jigs: 1/8 and 1/4 ounce sinking jigs. Bright colours (pink, florescent green, yellow, glow). Tip with crawler or leech.
All year walleye still fishing, jigging or casting, plus bass and pike.Rapala or Lures: J-3 and 5, jointed or straight, floating or AC Shiner or similar small, realistic body baits. Orange belly, green, orange, silver, blue, perch or tiger patterns.
Best for spring walleye/pike/bass trolling.

Hot n’ Tot Lures: Small size, metallic finishes:gold, gold/black, gold/orange, purple, pink or red, blue/silver.
Best for summer walleye and bass trolling, spring casting.

Storm Thin Fin Lures: Small sizes (#6). Silver/Gold, Silver/Blue, Silver/Green, Perch.
Best for Lake Trout trolling, spring walleye trolling.

Slip Bobber with Hook: A tiny split-shot sinker suspends a small, red hook below a floating slip-bobber with a stopper to set the depth. If you aren’t sure, ask at the tackle shop. Bait with a live leech.
Best for all-season walleye and bass drop-shot still fishing.

Spinner Rig Crawler Harness: Buy pre-tied rigs with double hooks. Look for the lightest available and avoid wire leaders. Bright colour blades or gold work best. Use a in-line sinker or bottom bouncer weight. Combine with leech or worm.
Best for summer walleye trolling.

And a word about line for walleye: GO LIGHT! 6-8 lbs mono-filament (or 10 lbs braided for jigging/dropshotting). Leave the snap swivels and heavy leaders at home!