This Week in Fishing

Talk about a mixed bag! A full fisherman’s platter caught this week: Pike, Lake Trout, Smallmouth, Walleye and Whitefish…and all in the same places. In Spring (yes, it still is spring) when the water is cold, the sand shallows around Two Moon Lodge become the feeding grounds for every species. It is a great time to sight cast a fly for whitefish and massive smallmouth bass (season not yet open) or troll the shoreline for walleye, trout and the occasional Pike.

Water temps moved from 52 degrees last weekend to a scalding 65 degrees in the bays, thanks to the hot spell that has hung over us all week. Now, we just need the walleye to finish whatever it is that walleye do in the sanctuaries, and to come to the bays for dinner. Which will be any day now. And we are ready to serve up a Rapala, crawler to leech, just to welcome them back to Two Moon for another year.

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