Formal Resolutions from the Kipawa Line Haulers’ AGM, June 2-7, 2018

Kipawa Line Haulers’ Annual General Meeting

Two Moon Point, Quebec

1. Be it resolved: The name of the KLH (Kipawa Line Haulers) be changed to “Kipawa Fish Haulers”(KFH) in recognition of the incredible success of this year’s annual fishing expedition to Two Moon Lodge. (Note the spelling of “Haulers”, as opposed to “Hollers,” which may have been heard on numerous occasions echoing “Fish On!” across the water.)

2. Be it resolved: Trolling 3″- 4″ shallow-running body baits such as Rapalas and AC Shiners in 6 to 8 feet of water is the prefered method of catching numerous anfullsizeoutput_6943-1d chunky walleye.

3. Be it resolved: Blue body bait lures with orange belly or, secondly, blue with white bottom, be recognized as the official colours of the 2018 season.

4. Be it resolved: Evenings produce best, and the after-dark bite is sometimes worth sticking around for.

5. Be it resolved: Mosquitoes are only a state of mind.

6. Be it resolved: When the water begins to warm, the walleye move into the shallow bays to feed on the spawning minnows. As such, it is reasonable to fish with minnow-immitating lures for early season success.

7. Be it resolved: Fallfish are really big, ugly, and stinky minnows that spawn in the shallows, and not to be confused with the delicate, delicious, and underrated Lake Whitefish.DSCF2433

8. Be it resolved: Members of the KFH (formally known as the KLH) are no longer permitted to exhibit a duck face when posing for fish hut photos. Not only does it look stupid, it distracts from the solmeity of the moment and is not becoming of a member of the KFH.

9. Be it resolved: Early June is a fantastic time to be at Two Moon Lodge. The lake is quiet, the fish active, and nothing beats a week of healthy living with the guys.

10. Be it resloved: Glenlivet works fine as a mouthwash in the morning.