First week was a cold one

If you understand walleye fishing, you know that May can be a tough time to catch them. Given the right conditions, it can be walleye heaven. Not this week! We had snow, frost, more snow and now, winds. Cold fronts like this and walleye don’t really go together. So if you you have a trip here in the near future don’t worry. The walleye are still here waiting for you.

The highlight of this week, other than catching lakers off the dock, were the bass. I barely fished this week given the weather and the early season work we are doing here, but when I did…wow. Casting body baits in to the shallows for 19″ smallmouth. Not one, but 4 bass 19″ bass in one hour (different spots, so I know it wasn’t the same one over again). Bass season opens June 18, so these all go back.

Here’s to the walleye bite coming on this week,