Chicks with Fish, and Why We Love Summer

_MG_5438Don’t get me wrong. I like you guys—really. I like how in spite of rain, or snow, or mosquitoes, or personal hygiene and grooming you guys will be out there early on a Spring morning or late into a June night, searching for the honey hole of walleye or trying to top a personal best day of
fishing. I get that, totally. I’m one those guys too.

But, when summer rolls around, we tend to focus less on the fish count and more on things like, ah, the scenery.Summer is the time to get out and enjoy the sun, swim, and maybe do a little fishing. It is the perfect time to enjoy our Lac Kipawa paradise with your spouse or family. And, especially given the fantastic summer fishing we have had over the past two summers, a great time to get out and try to catch dinner._MG_5429

Every year we have a number of the guys who come with their buddies in the spring book a trip later in the summer with their wife and/or children. Not only is it a great way to share the place you love with those you love, it’s also fun to fish the lake a little differently than you would in June. And, you don’t have to look across the boat at your ugly buddy.